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The Opportunity

3 months = 1/4 of a year = X amount of a lifetime.
Time is weird.

Why is it that when we want Time to go fast, he tends to slow down? Almost like he's saying, "Look, I can only do so much, and I can't please everyone!"
But then, when we want him to slow down, he overworks, overtime, much too fast? Yet, it's all the same. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds everyday. It's a weird concept to me. Just plain weird.

On Memorial Day, Time hit me hard. He reminded me how much I need to do. And he forced my mind recall how much time I possibly have before I will see them again. And looking down at each of their designated spot in the ground, I could almost feel him say, "Life is shorter than you will ever realize."

Yesterday, Time hit me hard. I have an unknown amount of it.

He likes to tease me.


(It's no fun realizing that when you want to visit your family, you have to go to the cemetery...)

I realized that I was secretly angry. Angry that…

Look and See

The rusty redness of the canyons stood so magnificently. The wind blew through the trees, giving me enough coolness to balance the burning sun that was bathing my skin. And the trail became steeper and steeper with each step that I took.

But I wanted to reach the top of that mountain.

"Don't look down..."

I'm not afraid of heights. Just of falling.

But my love for accomplishing an adventure will tend to exceed my fear of falling. So, I continued up. And up.

And up...

We had reached midpoint of the trail that lead to the Hidden Canyon. It was shady, so we rested a little bit. I took a moment to look around.

"Zion is beautiful..."

As I looked out, awestruck at the amazingness of the wilderness that we were camping in, they came into my head again.

They are always there.

I don't think they mean to come. I'm sure, really, that they would rather not. I know they would want me to enjoy my time and be with my friends and love the week.

But, unconscious…

Sometimes, it's New.

It's everywhere.

"Buy the best jewelry that she deserves for Mother's Day."
"My mom is the BEST! #bestfriend #mothersday #bestmomeva!"
"Happy Mother's Day, Mom! You are the best! Don't know where I'd be without you!
"Happy Mother's Day!"


Happy Mother's Day, Mom...

**A conversation between a cashier girl and an customer** Cashier girl: "Happy Mother's Day!" Customer: "Are you a mother yourself?" Cashier girl: "Nope, not yet. Someday, maybe." Customer: "Oh well, then you make sure to enjoy your mother tomorrow. She'd love it!" ... I knew that this month would be hard. Never really realized how hard HARD is. I never really knew what a real broken heart is. It's like a mountain. A mountain of feelings and emotions, that have been eroded by the conditions of constant questions such as "How are you doing?" and "What are your plans?" and "Are you taken car …

Sha-Bam #1

A little Drop of Awesome for you.


Think on that for a minute. Ponder it. What does that mean?

Well, we could think about it from a more biological perspective. We inherit earthly physical traits from our earthly physical parents. We have their eyes, nose, face, skin... We even develop very similar personality traits from them as well. Sometimes, it's being stubborn. Sometimes, it's patience. Sometimes, it's the ability to look on the bright side of life. You know the drill.

So... if we develop traits from our earthly parents... why would we not inherit spiritual traits from our Heavenly Father? Who is, by the way, the FATHER of ALL families, and the ETERNAL FATHER of our heavenly family, which includes ALL OF US?

Let's go a little deeper. So, not only is he our Heavenly Father, and our Eternal Father, but just to add on to that, he is our LOVING Heavenly Eternal Father. WHICH MEANS! He will do literally ANYTHING for us. And that also means... th…

The Search Engine

Curiosity got the better of me.
Type. Type. Click. Click. Search engine. Click.

**What comes up when you Google search Parrish Family Pocatello** -Siblings speak out after family dies from carbon monoxide -4 family members likely died from carbon monoxide -Two LDS missionaries heading home after family dies from... -Dr. William "Bill" Bart Parrish/ Colonial Home
**What comes up when you Google image search Parrish Family Pocatello** -My house -Liam's 2013 school picture -Keegan's 2013 school picture -2012 family photo, taken right before Ian left for his mission. This would also be the picture that would be the most publicized. -A portrait of Mom -A portrait of Dad -Ian and me during our interview -The candlelight viewing
**In short** Exposure.

The search engine reminded me of everything that I hold near and dear. It reminded of the truth. 
They're gone.
And you still have something to do here. 
I think that's the hardest part. Knowing that there is something still that I a…